"Use Your Outside Voice, Inside!"

Meet The Host

Naelis Ervin- Educator, Creative Doer, and Master of Schoolyard Sarcasm. She's 33% Debbie Allen, 33% Ms. Frizzle, another 33% Angela Davis, and 1% indescribable.

After earning her BS degree in Television Production (all puns intended), Naelis sought out a professional environment that would support and strengthen her ability to nurture the creativity of her colleagues, clients, and students. Her experience in the field of education has ranged from substitute teaching to international travel with students. As she advocates for arts integration within the Common Core curriculum and throughout school communities, Naelis uses her voice to redefine the culture of our nation's school systems. 

In a time where so many people are being silenced, Recess Rhetoric creates a space for educators to find and amplify their voices in the field. Our weekly episodes of trash-talking, tips, tricks are timely therapy sessions for everyone who listens.


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